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  1. After you're done, rinse out the Cassia obovata with a sulfate-free shampoo and/or conditioner. X Research source You can use sulfate-containing hair products after you first rinse it out, but if you haven't washed it out it might strip the Cassia obovata from your hair
  2. * Always do a patch test before using Cassia on your hair. I applied a bit of the Cassia to the skin on my wrist to make sure I didn't have any weird skin reactions. After that I applied a bit to one strand of my hair to make sure my hair didn't turn an unwanted colour (better safe than sorry!).* Rinsing it out
  3. A recipe for dry damaged hair, Cassia will improve hair growth, strengthen and restore your natural hair without the colour deposit of Henna. Ayurvedic Hair Care for overall healthy hair
  4. Cassia Obovata (also known as neutral henna or senna) is a natural Ayurvedic herb. This Ayurvedic herb will leave your hair glossy, stronger, thicker, dandruff-free, and healthy. Cassia Obovata gives you all the benefits of henna without color results on dark hair tones
  5. utes. Make sure your mixture is like pancake batter.-Apply the cassia paste onto clean hair that is either dry or damp. Apply mixture in layers starting from the back and moving forward
  6. utes. It does not stain like henna, so gloves are optional during application
  7. Cassia obovata will also bring out a shiner hair coat after just one use. It is perfect for those who deal with dull and dry hair that can be caused by a number of different things like the use of heat or hair products

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  1. Here are the before and after shots of using Cassia Obovata. Before Cassia treatment: After Cassia treatment: I would still recommend using it. Great for shine at least! Happy hair growing to you all. March 16th, 2011, 12:15 AM #2. Speckla. View Profile View Forum Post
  2. To create ashy golden and strawberry blonde, add 2-3 TBS of Organic Amla Powder per 100g of Organic Cassia Obovata paste before dye release. For extra conditioning and moisture, add 1-2 TBS of Greek Yogurt, coconut milk , Shea butter or oil for every 100g of Organic Cassia Obovata after dye release
  3. Cassia obovata powder looks very much like henna powder, but generally does not stain hair or hands. It is an excellent conditioner which makes hair glossy and thick, with a healthy scalp. When you mix this green leaf powder with warm water, it has a strong smell similar to a heap of warm mowed grass

Cassia Obovata (Neutral Henna) Application. This is a powdered specialty hair & scalp treatment with faint golden pigment. Please follow the steps below. Before Application: Wash hair TWICE with a high-lather shampoo. No conditioner or style products. Hair can be Dry or Towel Dry, but not Wet. Wear smock or old towel over shoulders Cassia obovata does not always stick to hair the first time around. However, it does very well at sticking to itself, that is other layers of cassia obovata. The dye works like glosses of paint, each layer building upon itself. That's why, if your blonde henna isn't sticking as well as you would like, trying doing a neutral henna treatment Cassia Obovata on gray hair. The strongest effect of the gold-coloring component becomes visible when you use Cassia Obovata on gray hair. As the base color is very light, it can easily be changed. Many people try to change their gray or white hair to a golden blonde with Cassia Before colouring (left) the hair is light and mousey with grey. 3 days after colouring (right) you can see how well the grey hairs have been covered: If this is the first time you are using cassia or henna, do a strand test first

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Apply cassia on wet hair and let sit on hair for 3-4 hours Rinse out ( you don't need to apply conditioner or anything after rinsing out the cassia unless ur hair feels dry for some reason) *Store leftover unmixed powder in refrigerator or cool area until next use. if you have leftover mixed cassia store in freezer then unthaw for next use Cassia Obovata: The Natural Hair Treatment For damaged Hair. When you intend to color your hair, soak henna and cassia together for 8-12 hours before application. In cassia and henna powder, mix Organic Roots' low pH acidic powder (or else you can add juice of 3-4 lemons. Make paste with pure normal temperature water (not hot) Cassia obovata will make damaged hair silky, thick, lustrous, and helps keep your scalp healthy, just as henna does. This has a golden yellow dye molecule, but it won't show up on your hair unless you are very pale blond (sic) or gray. Cassia will not make dark hair golden. Cassia will make gray or blond hair golden

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In this video I test the difference in colour and dye uptake between adding Rhubarb Root Powder to the Cassia mix before and after Cassia has dye released. M.. Cassia Obovata Flowers are Yellow or Orange . To use, simply mix cassia obovata botanical hair conditioner powder with water into a henna-like mud paste, apply to the scalp and hair, for as long as you like - the maximum recommended time is 30 minutes ( unless you're using it as anti-gray, or with henna, in which case leave it in as long as. Massage well into hair, comb through (wide-tooth comb), and give it an hour—extra sheen and bounce instantly noticed after rinsing, hugs the hair adding distinctive shine. *A Kiss of Gold for Blondes. Note Well: Cassia Obovata can stain white to light blonde hair to a light golden-wheaty color. It's very subtle A sterile hybrid between Cassia fistula and Cassia javanica, originating in Hawaii. Moderately fast grower to 3040 feet high and 35 feet wide. Dark green foliage. Thrives in any well-drained soil. Withstands drought well but has only moderate wind tolerance and poor salt tolerance

How You Can Benefit from Cassia Obovata in 5 Different

Our Morrocco Method Neutral Henna comes from the Cassia Obovata leaf, which is a potent botanical that not only does wonders for your hair (as you will read below) but it also has a powerful antimicrobial and antifungal properties that have been used for centuries to treat common hair and scalp conditions such as lice, dandruff, psoriasis and ringworm 100% All Natural (No additives) Cassia Obovata is a large flowering plant and has nothing to do with henna, although sometimes called neutral henna. Cassia Obovata by EarthDye is the freshest on the planet and the best priced. Freshness is crucial to it working well. If you have dark hair or a light brown you will nev Cassia Obovata by Harvest Moon is the freshest on the planet and the best priced. Freshness is crucial to it working well. If you have dark hair or a light brown you will never see colors, but you will feel the benefits! If you have blond hair or blond graying hair, the cassia obovata will help you keep that blond color Ingredients Ingredients: Cassia Obovata Leaf Powder. Available in 100g - 3.5 OZ or 250g - 8.8 OZ bags. Made in India. Cassia Obovata (also known as neutral henna) is 100%pure, a true natural beauty treatment for all hair types, particularly indicated for damaged, thin, flat hair.. Seasonally harvested and triple sifted, it has the baby powder consistency Cassia aka neutral henna is an ayurvedic herb. Cassia obovata gives all the benefits of henna without color results on black hair. However, for those with grey hair or blonde hair, cassia will give you golden tones. Cassia powder can be used with other ayurvedic powders including henna to make glosses, hair masks, teas and oil infusions. This.

Since Cassia does not color dark hair, there's no need to wait for a dye to release. However, if you have gray or blonde hair, you may notice it get lighter after allowing it to sit in your hair for a while. I used the cassia hair gloss three times (on a weekly basis) before moving on to the henna gloss once a week Our cassia obovata powder is from organic fields in India and is great as a natural hair dye conditioner for blonde colour hair, whether natural or chemically treated because it will just enhance the natural colour but it is always advisable to test before applying

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  1. Cassia Obovata Our cassia obovata hair conditioner contains essential nutrients to promote a healthier scalp and hair. This 100% natural conditioning powder helps make your hair stronger and more resistant to external damaging factors for shinier, healthier locks. Blondes will love cassia obovata's gray-covering powe
  2. .). Got out of shower and mixed about 1/2 - 3/4 cup Sally's GVP Matrix Conditioning Balm and 1/4 cup of honey into the cassia mix. Applied cassia mix to hair in sections, smooshing it on scalp and through length to thoroughly coat strands
  3. Fenugreek Powder - The Miracle Herb for Hair Growth. Not only an aromatic spice often found in Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisine, for centuries, the herb fenugreek, or methi, has been recognized for its health-giving properties.Although cultivated in many arid areas around the globe, it originates in south and central Asia and is often used by Indian, Bangladeshi, or Pakistani.
  4. H&C 100% Pure Neutral Henna Powder/Colorless Henna/Senna Powder/Cassia Obovata (227g / (1/2 lb) / 8 ounces) For conditioning your hair without coloring. 4.3 out of 5 stars 416 $10.0
  5. Cassia Obovata is also known as Senna Obovata. Cassia and Senna are used often interchangeably in botanical texts. Do remember, though that Cassia, which is also called Senna, is NOT the Cassia, which is true Cinnamon. Cassia Obovata, harvested for use in hair, is grown in Egypt and Nubia
  6. Remember this mixture is well suited for naturally light blond heads or white hair. When you intend to color your hair, soak henna and cassia together for 8-12 hours before application. In cassia and henna powder, mix Organic Roots' low pH acidic powder (or else you can add juice of 3-4 lemons

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Cassia obovata (neutral henna) or Pure Indigo Powder. Application Delay: ONLY FOR HAIR THAT ABSORBS INDIGO STRONGLY (users of Medium Brown to Black Colors): Once mixed into a paste, and if you know your hair absorbs more Indigo (blue/purple color), you may want to delay paste application by 10 - 30 minutes No Henna For Me, But Cassia Obovata written by Evenes Ruth Mafupa 10 December 2015 Just over a year ago, I managed to get my hands on Henna and being the experimental natural that I am (a politer word for product junkie) I tried it on my hair after watching a few videos on You Tube of course The next morning I mixed 100g of Cassia and 2 tablespoons of Amla into the henna with a bit more camomile tea and recovered with lid. I left this for one more hour and then was ready to use it. I wet my hair and lightly towelled the excess water off before applying by hand with some plastic gloves on

Natural white hair after an application of Ancient Sunrise® Zekhara Cassia obovata 1 Prior to 2016 when one ordered 'cassia' from henna exporters in India, Cassia obovata was provided. By 2020, suppliers changed to Cassia auriculata, often without informing their clients, or knowing themselves that there had been a change in raw supplies Cassia apparently can be used to enhance the colour of naturally blonde and gray hair if mixed with lemon or orange juice and then left for 12hours before applying and then kept on the hair with a plastic covering for up to 3hours. Adding some 100% Henna to the Cassia can change a lighter blonde colour to strawberry blonde Cassia Obovata, Zizyphus Spina Christi, and Amla (emblica officinalis) powders all work in different ways. Cassia works most similarly to henna. Its dye molecule, chrysophanol, binds to the hair much like henna's lawsone molecule does. Cassia makes the hair shiny and strong, and for some, can restore the hair's natural curl pattern

The effect of storing of these pastes on the rheological properties was also studied. The overall fastness properties for the fabrics printed using carboxy methyl cassia obovata gum either alone or in admixture with sodium alginate and/or CMC before and after storing are nearly identical to those printed using the conventional thickeners it's about time I tried a Cassia treatment on my hair! Cassia Obovata (also known as neutral henna) is an Ayurvedic herb that can be used as a natural haircare. it's about time I tried a Cassia treatment on my hair! Cassia Obovata (also known as neutral henna) is an Ayurvedic herb that can be used as a natural haircare treatment mask to achieve. Apr 24, 2013 - How to Use Cassia Obovata on Hair. Have you ever wanted healthy hair with a golden tint? Cassia obovata (Senna italica) is a plant that contains a faint golden or slight yellow dye; known also as neutral henna or senna obovata, it has.. Cassia: What is it? Amla powder is from the dried and ground fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree. Cassia is a plant grown in east Africa and India, the powder is made from the leaves. How does it benefit hair? Works as a great volumiser and curl enhancer. Makes an excellent hair conditioner making your hair soft and shiny, with a healthy scalp

There is also before and after photos at the end. I hope you enjoy this video! Thank you for watching! xoxo. Click here to read the full written blog post on my Cassia experience: _____ FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @holistichabits. You want to look for 100% pure, organic Cassia Obovata After you're done, rinse out the Cassia obovata with a sulfate-free shampoo and/or conditioner. You can use sulfate-containing hair products after you first rinse it out, but if you haven't washed it out it might strip the Cassia obovata from your hair. Premixed Cassia Read the ingredients list on your Cassia obovata

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  1. Henna (Mehndi) is a dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis, also known as the henna tree, the mignonette tree, and the Egyptian privet, the sole species of the genus Lawsonia. Henna can also refer to the temporary body art resulting from the staining of the skin from the dyes (see also mehndi).After henna stains reach their peak color, they hold for a few days, then gradually wear off by.
  2. 6. After 24 hours or more, which allows the henna to fully set, you can wash and condition your hair as usual. For colored henna treatments, it is recommended to wait 72 hours before washing, as the color continues to develop. I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of using MM shampoos/conditioners in conjunction with the henna, rather.
  3. As I've recommended before, the best way to do this is to wash before Shikakai powder. The effect of cassia obovata's dye depends a lot on the environment that you apply it in, particularly the temperature. Blonde henna will release more dye in warm temperatures, and less so in cold climates
  4. Answers from specialists on cassia obovata. First: You are wasting money on all those vits ; herbs. They are cheating you. Spend the money on a gynecologist
  5. Mix Cassia Obovata (Senna Leaves Powder) with warm water until the paste is the consistency of pancake batter. Let this paste sit for 3-4 hours, covered. Wash and condition hair with Imbue Shampoo and Imbue Conditioner to completely clean hair. Section your wet or dry hair and apply paste, totally coating hair from back-to-front, ends-to-roots

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  1. If you have liver disease, do not take cassia cinnamon in amounts larger than the amounts normally found in food. Surgery: Cassia cinnamon might lower blood sugar and might interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery. Stop taking cassia cinnamon as a medicine at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery
  2. utes, gently rub hair to remove all of conditioner, and when the water runs clear, it should mostly be gone. Last, follow up with a conditioner to remove any last bits of the cassia, and to provide additional moisture. Last, style hair as usual! How to Store it. Store in a freezer safe bag, and defrost several hours before using
  3. If you have damaged or blonde hair, it is recommended to apply Senna/Cassia 1-2 times before using khadi's natural hair dyes. This preps the hair optimally and helps it to absorb the natural dye more evenly. Mix the powder with hot water (50°C-90°C) until a uniform paste is formed
  4. utes and should be applied to hair immediately after preparing, whereas True Henna and Cassia have dye release times of 3 - 4 hours and should set before being applied to hair
  5. Besides firmer skin, HA will prevent a dry scalp and hair from thinning and eventually falling out. It is recommended for children who suffer from progeria, which causes premature aging, and hair loss, therefore dermatologists believe that it can assist in cosmetic purposes as well
  6. Cassia obovata. Known as neutral henna, cassia obovata behaves in much the same way as henna but does not require time for dye release and can be used right after it's prepared. While it may dye light colored hair and grays with use, it won't dye dark haair. Strengthens hair; Adds shin
  7. I am thinking about trying some Cassia Obovata or Neutral Henna. I am hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has tried it. The last time I colored my hair was in January of this year, so I am thinking that shouldn't be problem. I will do a strand test before actually doing it, though. I do have some gray and I do not want to cover it at.

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YouTube - Cassia Obovata Treatment Also, one more question. Do you ladies shampoo before or after applying cassia? I feel that shampooing before would help remove buildup already on my hair from moisturizing/sealing throughout the week. But then, shampooing after seems like it helps some remove the cassia buildup better. I'm torn on which one. Before & After Hair Dye Pictures. Send in your Before & After hair dye pictures and get discount vouchers. The above was achieved by mixing 80g of Cassia Obovata Powder with half a teaspoon of Organic Body Art Quality Henna, and soaking the mixture overnight in lemon juice. The paste was then applied to the hair and left on for two hours

Cassia: Like henna, cassia is amazing at filling gaps in the hair and adding incredible strength and structure. It comes from the leaves of the cassia obovata plant, which is grown in East Africa and India. Cassia also softens and conditions the hair, making it nice and smooth. It's a great treatment to incorporate your routine Hoya Obovata Splash Wax flower ,Tropical Foliage Ships in Pot. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. You will receive the actual plant in photos Hoya Obovata Splash. Ships in a 4inch pot as shown in photos. This plant is approximately 10 inches in length. Hoya Obovata is a beautiful trailing hoya. It's leaves are mottled with small splashes Cassia Obovata Treatment| Improve Growth & Strengthen Hair| Ayurvedic Hair Care. Hair Care And You - The Best Tips And Tricks. Given the rapid pace of fashion, it is smart to stay current on new trends. Maintaining fashionable hair shows the world that you care about the way that you look. Read on to learn some great hair care tips Aug 26, 2012 - AFTER using Cassia Obovata mixed with Henna... no more grey

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Add 2-3 TBS of Organic Amla Powder per 100g of Organic Cassia Obovata paste before dye release. For extra conditioning and moisture, add 1-2 TBS of Greek Yogurt, coconut milk, Shea butter or oil for every 100g of Organic Cassia Obovata after dye release Cassia Obovata: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. See 5 member reviews and photos. This stuff is a serious pain in the ass and a mess to apply, but it really works. I was using henna before, but tale as old as time, couldn't deal with the orange/brassy tones. I went over it with... About reviewer Otherwise, my hair was soft and shiny even before I deep conditioned with my Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner. These twists were done right after my Cassia Obovata Treatment. You can view how I mix the paste here and the application and results here! You can also view them by clicking the Youtube videos tab on the orange bar below

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Cassia and Banana Hair Treatment contains cassia obovata, banana, brazilian nut oil, aloe, vegetable glycerin, sweet almond oil, preservative. Marshmallow root and shikakai furthur enhances the properties of the hair mask. Cassia provides similar properties to henna without causing color changes Senna (Senna italica, Senna angustifolia) / Cassia Obovata. Senna (Senna italica, Senna angustifolia) is often referred to by the outdated (science decided on a more accurate name) name Cassia Obovata, or the totally incorrect neutral henna. This golden-staining herb is often found in lighter red to golden-red blends

My hair has become really thin. i think its because i used to dye it alot. Ive been reading things on the internet for thickening hair and ive seen alot of good things about henna/ Cassia Obovata, and i wanna know if it really will help thicken my hair and where can i get it? or some other good ways you know will help thicken my hair. please and thank you Saw palmetto is an effective 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, binding with the substance before it can affect the hair follicle. Cassia Obovata It can also be used as a conditioner as it strengthens the hair and promotes new growth L'henné rosso nr. 1 di Phitofilos è una miscela di lawsonia inermis con cassia obovata, caratterizzata da un basso potere riflessante. Con l'utilizzo, assume toni dorato-ramati ed è ideale da usare su una base chiara (castana, bionda o per coprire capelli bianchi o colpi di sole e meches che hanno perso tono e lucente All options and prices are clearly indicated Before final purchase. Shipping Details: Cassia Obovata (Neutral Henna) Go to cart. Purify & Detox Hair Treatment $ 13.98. Natural Black Herbal Beard Dye $ 11.98. Nourish & Repair Hair Treatment $ 13.98. Pure Henna Beard Dye.

Cassia Obovata will not change your hair color as it has a low content of golden dye, but it won't show up on most people's hair. (Very few people are allergic to pure Cassia Obovata powder; it is always good perform an allergy test.) To mix and apply Cassia Obovata: 1. Apply Origin Asian 100% pure Cassia Obovata to clean, dry hair. 2 I mixed some cassia approx 40g, 2tbs of cinnamon and approx 40g of rhubarb root powder with a cup of lemon juice, a squeeze of almond oil and boiling water until it was a mash potato consistency. I. Apr 9, 2013 - O.K. I really love red hair and especially wanted the strawberry blond I had as a child. But I am far too impatient to do a proper henna Some key things to note before you begin using henna or if you currently use henna and you are experiencing problems: Henna is similar to a strong protein treatment. It has a high affinity for keratin (a protein) and will cling vigorously to our hair strands. (Cassia Obovata, Cassia Angustifolia or Cassia Auriculata) is a safe alternative. Doctor insights on: Cassia Siamea Share Share Follow @HealthTap </> Embed Dr. Anatoly Belilovsky Dr. Belilovsky 1 1 Is slim-vie a safe herbal wt loss product? Ingred: amylum, mulberry leaf extr, jobstears seed, cassia seed extr, bitter orange extr.? Long-term use Cassia obovata and chebe powder, argan oils, coconut and many more, can all be used on black hair to improve growth rates, health and longevity. Herbs, too, such as rosemary and lavender are known for their restorative properties, and with some simple home-made treatments made from natural ingredients, your natural black hair will look.

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Related Articles: Henna Hair Dye: Questions to Ask Before You Buy, What to Expect: Your First Time Using Blonde Henna, 5 Tips for Maximizing Your Blonde Henna Hair Color, Common Henna Hair Myths Debunked, Covering Grey Hair with Henna, Choosing the Right Henna Hair Color for Yo Rougui tea is a Wuyi Oolong tea. The name literally means cassia. The tea can be difficult to prepare, but its distinctive sweet aroma can be brought out up to 7 steepings. It was first developed during the Qing Dynasty. Curly leaves resembling iron shards. The leaves are hand-rolled into the traditional twisted Yan Cha form and pan-fired at their aromatic peak to arrest oxidation. Cassia Powder Application as a Replacement for Henna. Henna paste is a dark brown to red paste obtained from crushing the green leaves of a plant called lawsonia Inermis. The staining properties of henna are caused by a compound 2 hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone or lawsone, or hennotannic acid

The 'neutral henna', the powder obtained from Cassia obovata leaf which is used as a hair conditioner to make hair glossy and thick with a healthy scalp. It is also useful for fighting dandruff and head lice. Make sure to protect your face and neck (use Vaseline/ultra-balm or olive oil) as you do before other normal hair dying procedure. A blog promoting nature, pure henna and earth-friendly botanicals to effectively color hair. Focused on naturally healthy hair, body and skin care Largely depending on your original hair color tone before the application, the after-results will vary, ranging from lighter to darker, basically any shade of red. Try mixing herbs into black mehendi paste, and experiment twice or thrice to get the desired shade. One needs to be careful in protecting the skin against staining due to black mehendi

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Cassia obovata (Senna italica) is a plant that contains a faint golden or slight yellow dye; known also as neutral henna or senna obovata, it has the conditioning benefits of henna Cassia obovata is safe to use on over relaxed, bleached and dyed hair and can last anytime from a few shampoos to permanently. It will give dark hair a. Each shade is wild-crafted using natural botanicals like Lawsonia inermis (henna), Indigofera tinctorial (indigo) and Cassia obovata (cassia). All our henna is handpicked from the fields of India. This 100% plant based natural hair dye actively conditions and protects the hair strand while providing brilliant color and shine

If you have damaged or blond hair, use Senna / Cassia once or twice before coloring with khadi natural hair color. So you are optimally preparing your hair structure, so that your hair will evenly take on the natural hair color. Stir the khadi Senna / Cassia powder with 50 to 90 degrees of hot water until you have a smooth paste Henna can also refer to the temporary body art resulting from the staining of the skin from the dyes (see also mehndi).After henna stains reach their peak color, they hold for a few days, then gradually wear off by way of exfoliation, typically within one to three weeks.. Henna has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool and leather The other species with known laxative activity are Cassia fistula, Cassia Obovata, Cassia dentate, Cassia sofara, Cassia sieberiana, Cassia podocarpa, cassia alata. Cultivation and harvesting of senna In India senna are cultivated in around 25000 hectare of land producing about 22500 tonnes of consult a doctor before taking senna leaves.

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Cassia Obovata is the true neutral henna. It can be purchased organically, and is a terrific way to add some shine, strength and a bit of thickness to the hair. I purchase mine from HennaSooq. I use Cassia, also known as Senna, about once a month Find H&C products at low prices. Shop online for bath, body, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, perfume, beauty tools, and more at Amazon.c Rather, it is cassia obovata as many of us on the natural hair circuit know;). However, both my sister and I experienced improved nail health via the rinsing process while doing regular (weekly/bi-weekly) treatments with real henna! As cassia can be difficult to come by on the ground, you may choose to try a BAQ henna rinse instead

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apply immediately to hair starting from the back to front in layers, pressing paste down as you go along. if using a shower cap after be sure to make holes in shower cap for air. leave-in hair 45 minutes, no longer than 1.5 hours and rinse until the water runs clear (if you have thick or curly hair you can use a cream conditioner to help rinse.) olor - Golden Highlights with Cassia Obovata. Hair Color- Love the Golden Highlights of Cassia Obovata Natural highlights of hair color like ash blonde hair, golden blonde hair or other lighter hair..

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Carboxymethylation of Cassia obtusifolia galactomannan was carried out by Williamsons synthesis. Modification of galactomannan was confirmed by Fouri

Neutrale Henna | Cassia Obovata | voor en na foto1000+ images about Natural Hair Dying: Henna,Indigo,CassiaKatam | herbsandwichShow us Your Hair Photo Contest | Henna Blog SpotFor ALL HAIR - Chic Chicks Cassia Obovata Ayurvedic Hair
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